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You could be forgiven for thinking that with names like Clover Fields or Alfalfa & Clover Dance you might be sampling wine. But this is gourmet honey, crafted with loving care in a small cottage apiary nestled in the pristine Peace country.

This is honey the way Mother Nature intended, with a bit of a hand up. Peace Gourmet Honey is produced naturally from carefully selected fields, in step with the rigorous guidelines set out for organic food production. The choice of the locations of the bee yards and the method of harvesting allow apiarists to reach a flavour and taste comparable to the pleasure of tasting wine.

Here’s our recommendations, but you’re encouraged to formulate your own favourites of these nectars of the Peace!

Wild Berry

Wild Berry is harvested from Saskatoon, Choke Cherry, Wild varieties of Raspberry and Strawberry, High Bush Cranberry and Wild Rose flowers. It has a delicate fruity flavour that makes it ideal for glazing and desserts.

Alfalfa-Clover Dance

Alfalfa-Clover Dance is crafted from Alfalfa, Red and Alsike Clover and Anika in pristine areas free of cultures of canola. With its mild and slightly fruity flavour, this is a good choice for a variety of preserves, cooking and baking.

Clover Fields

Clover Fields is mainly a combination of Red and Alsike Clover and wild flowers of the summer. This is a mild honey, and it’s perfect for gourmet main dishes and haute cuisine.

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