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Soup with sea salt and honey...

Published by Jean in Recipes · 20/9/2012 09:48:58

...for small and big children

Yes I tried to feed my children with can soup! And I gave up, happily for them.

Take any vegetable you like to mix for a soup: onions, carrots, yam, asparagus, mushrooms, dandelion and lamb. Quarter leaves if you want wild energy… your imagination is the limit! Clean them and cut them small, add the amount of water that the pot is still able to take before spilling over.

Add sea or Himalaya salt, one teaspoon per liter of water, one table spoon of Clover honey and that’s it. You may add one or two table spoon of Genmai miso if your children are tolerant.

And there is the miracle: they will love this soup and you too. Now you may bring the can opener to the garage sale.

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