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My Flemish crepes...

Published by Jean in Recipes · 20/9/2012 09:50:41

(Stealing the original recipe from my mom and improving it (mmm, mmm)

You need a good non sticky pan. My mom was getting iron pans from Spain and after several use with oil they turned out to be perfect for her creperie business. So you may need to go shopping or look in the cupboards of Granma for the perfect one.

Use some good type of oil resistant to heat: corn oil or peanut oil, olive oil works well too, I love the one made with the Greek Kalamata olives.

The dough: 4 eggs, 2 and ½ cup of milk or soya milk, 2 cups of flour wheat, spell or light buckwheat (dark buckwheat lacks at viscosity), and my so called improvement, a tea spoon of caraway seeds if you like the minty taste of this exotic spice.

Start with the eggs and the spices; add half of the milk, the flour. Use the blender to create a thick mass, add the rest of the milk. The dough is more liquid than for pan cakes, however it should show some elasticity when you let it run and spring back somehow.

The Italians create the pizza and the Flemish folk the crepe. Here again the sky (or the ceiling?) is the limit. On a nicely warmed pan with just enough oil to run through the surface (don’t have the oil starting to smoke) add a ladle full of dough, turn your wrist for spreading the dough and when it shows some browning on the edges or just before, it’s time to flip it over with a flat spatula.

If you go for the acrobatic turn over in the air, have some practice before the show with the guests!

Now on the side that is ready add any ingredients that you prepared before: cheese, green onions, prepared mushroom in olive oil and salt and pepper, whatever your fantasy and your taste dictate. For desserts try cream cheese with Wild Berry honey and Blueberry or Saskatoon spread.

You may also cook in another pan bananas sliced in half in the length with butter and covered with Wild Berry honey or chocolate sauce or go with Wild Berry honey and Grand Marnier that you light before serving in a intimate atmosphere with beeswax candles and decorate with berries…

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